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Nancy Richardson, Poet

Nancy Richardson’s poems concern coming of age in the rust-belt of Ohio during a period of decay of the physical and political structures that made the region once solid and predictable. These are poems that chart the shifting of the foundations upon which a life is built and the unpredictability of events that have profound personal and political consequences.


Nancy's poems have appeared in journals and anthologies. Her first chapbook, Unwelcomed Guest, was published in 2013 and concerned coming of age in the rust-belt of Ohio and the shootings at Kent State University. 


The second chapbook, The Fires’ Edge, extended that subject matter in elegies and reflections of living in that place and time.  Her latest book, An EveryDay Thing, carries her previous narratives into adulthood with a look back at her history and what that history has created in her. 


Nancy has an MFA in Writing from Vermont college where she focused on poetry in response to injustice.  She has served on the Board of the Frost Place in Franconia, New Hampshire.