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named one of the Best Indie Books of the Year

by Kirkus Reviews.


December 15, 2018........An EveryDay Thing, a book of poetry by Nancy Richardson, has been selected by Kirkus Reviews to receive its Star rating. The Star rating is awarded to books of exceptional merit. Kirkus also recognized  Richardon’s work on the list of the 100 Best Indie Books of the Year.  According to Kirkus, the  book “vividly captures both the dreams and despair of blue-collar America.”.....  and  “the book is a dazzling work by a deeply intuitive writer.”

Richardson, who lives in Vermont, spent her childhood in Youngstown, Ohio and returns there periodically. She is a graduate of the Vermont College of Fine Arts Writing Program.

Richardson’s poems concern the coming of age in the rust-belt of Ohio during a period of decay of the physical and political structures that made the region once solid and predictable. Her poems chart the shifting of the foundations upon which a life is built and the unpredictability of events that have had personal and political consequences, including the shootings at Kent State. These poems have resonance to the chaotic political and social circumstances in which we now find ourselves.


Available from Finishing Line Press 


The book is also available locally in Vermont at Phoenix Books and the Flying Pig Book Store and on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online.

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